Things to do at Economy Inn Hollywood, CA


Franklin Canyon Park

Franklin Canyon Park is a natural area very near the urban centers of LA. Many movies and TV shows have been filmed here. It's the perfect spot for a family stroll away from the tourist attractions.


William O. Douglas Outdoor Classroom and Sooky Goldman Nature Center

The William O. Douglas Outdoor Classroom (WODOC) was formed to connect inner city youth with California's natural resources. WODOC and the Sooky Goldman Nature Center are located in Franklin Canyon Park, surrounded by 605 acres of natural open space. Franklin Canyon Park serves over 10,000 Los Angeles Unified School District children yearly.


Ferndell Nature Museum

Stroll under the cool canopy of California sycamores and see more than 50 fern species among select tropical plants and flowers along this winding trail. Located near the Western Canyon entrance of Griffith Park, Ferndell is a favorite Park destination, especially on a hot summer afternoon; but the beautiful hues and patterning are a refreshing reprieve any time of the year. Snack stand and picnic area available.


Griffith Park

Hiking into the hills and sparsely developed areas is one of the most popular forms of recreation in Griffith Park. Hikers are allowed to use the entire 53-mile network of trails, fire roads and bridle paths.


Horseback Riding

There are many marked trails, fire and patrol roads are within the parks boundaries. All of the horseback riding trails are closed at sunset. You can walk, trot, or canter the horses but you must remain on the marked trails at all times. The horse stables are located near the parks northwestern and southwestern boundaries and they are privately owned.


Picnic Areas

Crystal Springs is located on Crystal Springs Dr. and you can enter at the Ranger Station.

Mineral Wells is located on Griffith Park Drive neard the Harding Golf Course.

Old Zoo is located off of Griffith Park Drive. Tables place around obsolete animal cages from the original Los Angeles Zoo.

Park Center picnic area is off of Crystal Springs Drive near the Griffith Park merry-go-round; featuring playgound equipment.

Pecan Grove picnic area is on Zoo Drive between the Victory Blvd. Bridge and the Los Angeles Zoo.



The best routes for jogging are Griffith Park Drive from the Los Feliz Blvd./Riverside Dr. entrance, Crystal Springs Dr. in Park Center to the Los Angeles Zoo and the Zoo Drive to the Travel Town Museum.


Shopping Area



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